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Bio Novochlor Neutra

Unit: 25 Kg/Bag |
Origin: India |
Dosage: |

Organic Chlorine and Green Alkali Neutralizer.


100% organic chlorine and green alkali neutralizer can efficiently neutralizes the chlorine residue and residual alkalinity.
Its having high solubility and neutralizing values and enhance the brightness of textiles. Extremely safe of al colours and removes metallic stains. Certified green screen and ZDHC.




Bio Alcalin

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Liquid Alcalin Booster & stain remover. It is very effective high alkaline booster for cleaning of industrial linens and garments, proven to be efficient for oil classifications of cotton linens. It is safe for both white and colored clothes and can be used in the break bath for heavy soiled cotton formulas which contain fatty acid and based soils.

Spot Away 3

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Oil and Grease stain remover.

Spot Away 4

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Cosmetic stain remover like, lipstick, lotions and etc. Spray the Bio Bright Oxyl for Bleach.  

Bio Soft Fresh

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Luxury Perfumed Vegan Fabric Softener.  

Spot Away 2

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Rust and Metallic stain remover.

Bio Novosilk Ultra HF (Aqua Perc)

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Fabric Enhancer and Softening Agent.  Green Screen Certified.  Zero Discharge Hazardous.

Spot Away 1

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Betadine and iodine-based stain remover ph: 1-12

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