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Perchlorethylene Deltaper Pure Power

Unit: 23 Kg/Can |
Origin: Germany |
Dosage: Ready to use |

Dry Cleaning Solvent.



Perchloroethylene the most widely used Dry Cleaning Solvent in the world. Is virtually non – flammable. It has neither a flash point nor flammability limits. Readily dissolves virtually all organic stains, such as oils, greases, fats and waxes. Evaporates quickly in moderate heat. Can be recycled and reused repeatedly in a dry cleaning machine. Is non-corrosive in dry cleaning machines when proper procedures are followed. Does not affect the fabrics, dyes and trims that are common in the fashion industry.



Bio Bright Oxy L

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Liquid Oxygen Bleach. Used for the safe and efficient stain removal for all white and coloured washable fabrics.

Deotek (Talco and Iris Bianco )

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Fabric freshener, protects the textile fibres. Eliminates the bad smells and prevents the attack of moths.

Bio Lab Hypo 6% Of Active Chlorine (30Kg) - ENB

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Bleaching, disinfecting and stain removing liquid for white fabric.

Happy Starch Spray

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High concentration spray dressing really good for every fabric.

Breeze Fabric Softener - Lavender & Magnolia

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A fabulous fabric softener with great softening effect with lavender & magnolia scent perfume.  

Caustic Soda Flake 25Kg/Bag

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Caustic Soda is a powerful chemical substance used to make strong soaps and clean drains.

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