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Sea Breeze

Unit: 5L / Gallon |
Origin: Turkey |
Dosage: Ready to use |

Air Freshener and laundry perfume.


Air Freshener and laundry perfume.
Leaves nice and fresh atmosphere in the area where applied while giving strong deodorizing effect and eliminating bad odour.  Applied on clean and dry laundry for perfume to last longer.



Bio Bright Oxy L

(0 Reviews)
Liquid Oxygen Bleach. Used for the safe and efficient stain removal for all white and coloured washable fabrics.

Deotek (Talco and Iris Bianco )

(0 Reviews)
Fabric freshener, protects the textile fibres. Eliminates the bad smells and prevents the attack of moths.

Bio Lab Hypo 6% Of Active Chlorine (30Kg) - ENB

(0 Reviews)
Bleaching, disinfecting and stain removing liquid for white fabric.

Happy Starch Spray

(0 Reviews)
High concentration spray dressing really good for every fabric.

Breeze Fabric Softener - Lavender & Magnolia

(0 Reviews)
A fabulous fabric softener with great softening effect with lavender & magnolia scent perfume.  

Caustic Soda Flake 25Kg/Bag

(0 Reviews)
Caustic Soda is a powerful chemical substance used to make strong soaps and clean drains.

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